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Craig Mac Cracken: Respuestas curiosas!

En estos últimos dos meses casi no he escrito, pero es porque he estado algo más atareada de lo normal, en especial porque mi papá empezó a trabajar con un arquitecto en la administración de un Hotel, y con un señor y su esposa que querían que le ayudara con la administración de una pollería. Asi que pues en estos días, uno de mis hermanos se fue al hotel, y yo me quedé de cajera en el lugar donde venden los pollos! XD Por eso no he podido escribir, y tampoco he podido visitar mi dA, espero contarles lo de los pollos con mas detalle mas adelante, sin embargo como ahora tengo un poco de tiempo y quise traerles algo de info sobre el genio detrás de Mansión Foster! :D Craig MacCracken! Para los que todavia estan con el ojo cuadrado, si leyeron bien; es cierto! Craig están en dA, pero como el rumor se corrió muy rápidamente, las personas llegan como ordas de mosquitos y en su cuenta le preguntan un centenar de mensajes cadad dia, con preguntas que obviamente no le da tiempo contestar, pero yo me tome la libertad de investigar, y me di cuenta de que alguna si las respondió! Pero como estaban regadas por su perfil, no muchos las había visto. Estas son algunas de las preguntas que el si contestó, supongo que es porque le parecieron interesantes! :D Porque bueno, porque razón creen que no contestó las otras?....En fin, espero que aprecien esta pequeña recopilación de datos curiosos que con esfuerzo y mucha dedicación recolecté!

La mas curiosa de todas las respuestas fue l que dijo este chico:

RogerLOX: he only replies when its someone he know or if its something inportant :CCCCCCCCCC

Craig: This is true.

Sorprendanse! Pues como yo lo sospechaba desde hace un buen tiempo, es cierto, el solo responde a una pregunta cuando es algo que le parece importante o que cree que la gente debería saber. Tambien cuando sabe de algo y lo quiere dar a conocer. El mismo lo dijo en esa respuesta!

Otras Respuestas Curiosas

Parakarry64: hey one question, wtf is up with him?...the pervy man with the lobster claws. that shit is creepy. Love Fosters home totally awesome, laters

Craig: For all the answers on "Him" see head Blue Meanie from Yellow Submarine.
Craig: the guy who draws flackjack has a dA account.
Hkj22: I just wanted some advice from my favourite cartoonist to ever be. (to me your like Charles Schulz)
I'm starting my first Art course of many to do a degree in animation. I want to do well. I want to enjoy it and do well.

Craig: Well the fact that you want to enjoy it is the right attitude. I've drawn and made up charatcers my whole life simply because I LOVE doing it. It's not work as long as your having fun, its' hard, but still fun. Good Luck!

LDEJRuff : Excuse me, Mr. McC. Sorry to ask, but when will Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Season 3 be released on DVD? It's been three years, and still no word. And I feel a little neglected because I haven't gotten a single reply from you since I first contacted you.

Craig: The DVD releases are not up to me but Cartoon Network. But as far as Foster's Season 3 goes I don't think it will ever come out. Years ago we designed all the packaging for it but then it got pulled off their release schedule for some reason. They never told me. I doubt there will be any more Foster's releases as the show is off CN's radar now. The best luck you might have getting the rest of the seasons is iTunes. Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful, I wanted it to come out too.
nicolemhamilton: Lookin' good-- gotta love the flash works. Are those inked-looking drawings flash as well? They sure look'it.

Craig: All inks by hand. Nothin' beats original art you can hold.
*Moon-manUnit-42 : I've always wanted to know...why is it that some of the shows you worked on like Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff girls and Foster's seem to have a style that resembles the 60's? Not that there is anything wrong with it, I've always loved your work...but I'm curious...

C: I grew up in the 70's on re-runs of 60's shows like Rocky and Bullwinkle and Underdog and I just have always loved that design style.
randomWaffle123 : Why canceled fosters?

C: It wasn't really cancelled per say, a cancellation is when a show is stopped short of what was originally planned. We made every episode we planned and CN aired every episode we made.
When we started the show we knew the best we could get was 6 seasons because CN has never produced more than 6 seasons for any of their original series. It's kind of an unwritten policy they have. So they ordered 6 seasons, we made 6 seasons and wrapped it up.

ACH-theNuts: Can I draw your 1st PPG pic in my own style ?

C: Feel free, anyone can draw the PPG in any style they want.
Ced75: I snuck a peek on Tom Warburton's (KND Creator) blog, and I heard that Wander Over Yonder is being turned into a graphic novel. Any idea what it's about?

C: That's right there is a Wander Over Yonder graphic novel. I wrote it and I'm currently drawing the pages. I can't tell you what it's about though, that would spoil all the fun.

happyipodman: What computer software did you use to make Foster's? Photoshop, Flash, After Effects???

C: Foster's was produced using paper, pencils, Illustrator, Flash, and After Effects.
Insert-creative-name: So, are you still working on some drawings?

C: I'm always drawing, I just don't post most of what I draw. Too busy drawing.
Seiryuga: Since you don't work for CN anymore. That means you can pretty much have unlimited creative freedom of what you can do with your creations.

C: I have unlimited creative freedom on any new things I come up with but not PPG or Foster's. Those are owned by CN and legally I can't do new stuff with those ideas without CN's permission.
hkj22: Just some questions I thought you could help answer for me:
1. How do you ink your art, (what sort of ink do you use)
(what brush?)
2. How do you colour in your work, what sort of paints do you use? I hope you find some time to answer this, (HUGE FAN) Hannah.

C: I use the Faber-Castell Pitt brush pens for most of the line work and plain ol' photoshop for coloring.

Hemley2: Hey guess what? Christine Cavanaugh voiced Blossom in "Who, What, When, Where, Why, How... Who Cares?" special feature! By the way Blossom's Aaahh!!! Real Monsters counterpart is Oblina because they are smart and have the same voice.

C: Cathy Cavadini does the voice of Blossom. Christine Cavanaugh is Dexter.

Booncy: I just love Princess Morbucks, and want to know what inspired you to make her character.

C: Princess=Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
Stevenator-20xx: Do you still want to do cartooning? If yes, where?

C: I'm still cartooning for sure, as for where I end up. that's determined by who buys what I'm selling.

--I knew you wouldn't give up.BTW, I noticed your born from Pennsylvania. I live in PA too. Ever been to Pittsburgh when your a young lad?

C: I was born 20 minutes outside of Pittsburgh in a small town called Charleroi.

Chocolate-Luver : You probably get this very often, but I was wondering...If I'm looking for a good art institute to persue a career of animation, could you please suggest some to me? It would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

C: Well one of the best places to go is CalArts. But I believe that in the past few years there have been many animation programs popping up in various art schools. I hear that the Art Institute has an animation program now, and it's my understanding that they have a few campuses.
Ah! Y casi se me olvidaba, me gustaria poner como extra el comentario que yo le hice a craig en su perfil cuando supe que estaba en dA, para que quede aqui para la posteridad yo creo... ya que Craig nunca respondio....
"It's Amazing to see you in DA!! I'm so excited!! I'm Atrix and I'm from mexico. It's a great honor for me to meet you, I admire you deeply, and I always wanted to congratulate you for the cartoon Foster's Home for imaginary friends, here in mexico is translated as "Mansion Foster para amigos imaginarios", it's the best Cartoon Network Show ever!! It's very creative and so funny, your idea of "imaginary friends" is brillant! and I love the drawing style, the drawings are very expressive and colorful!!
Your cartoon have very things of real life and a wonderful touch of comedy, my favorite character is Wilt!! He's very loveable, I LOVE HIM!!! He's the best character ever made!! He has a wonderful and well-structured personality. Since de first time I watch Foster's I fell in love with him because he's clever, very polite, cheerful, friendly, and helpfull, he has a beautiful soul. I would like to see him more often in the episodes. I love Wilt development, I think wilt's design is very great, I love his long arms and his head, but specially I love his smile, his smile can melt ice!!
I liked very much the Halloween episode where everybody makes a joke to Bloo, because he always made jokes to them, it was very funny. I just loved Wilt's costume!!!I he looked so elegant!! and his false arm, which he wanted to scare children, it was so funny!
I also remember the chapter "Eddie Monster" when Bloo made jokes about him and he leave home, and after he fight because he don't want that their friends think he'sa coward. This is one of my favorite chapters; because there are all, Ed, Bloo, coconut, and of course Wilt! Mac's brother finally receives him deserved, Eduardo knows that he can be brave, and for Wilt comments! with other imaginary friend, it was a toilet or something. I loved these dialogues! and I love wilt's expression, he turned his eye upward"

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